Economic boost across the globe bundled with the higher consumer expectation is leading to ever-increasing demand for goods and services, which is depleting the world's resources at an unsustainable rate. If nothing is done to halt these dangerous trends there will be serious implications for the environment and our quality of life.

The management of packaging waste products after consumption is a key challenge in this area, which is where Status Point Packaging can make a difference. Status Point's vision is to reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment so that the future generation does not suffer from our profligacy today.


Status Point Packaging (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a global company specializing in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of compostable packaging for a wide range of applications.

The agro fibre is a waste product of the Palm Oil Industry. The Palm Oil Industry generates approximately 15 million tonnes of waste agrofibre per year. Formed in September 2004 and privately owned, Status Point is based in Malaysia with a worldwide presence. Our manufacturing plant has a capacity of producing 6 million units per month and is expandable to triple the volume within a short period of time.

Product Suitability

Fresh Foods

Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Convenience Foods

Such as sandwiches, salads, burgers and fish & chips.


For fast foods and ready - made - meals, wholesale and retail.


Seed trays, plant pots, germination planters.


Ideal for hospitals, care - homes and schools.


Virtually everything from mobile phones, electronic components and computer equipment.